The Joy of Owning an iPhone

Last night I installed the update to iTunes (9.0.1).  Everything seemed to go fine.  After the install iTunes asked me to reboot my computer.  I was way to lazy to actually do that, so I just told it would reboot it later, and opened iTunes.  Ya that was a mistake.

When I opened iTunes, it informed me there was a problem with the database and it would rebuild it for me. After about 2 hours of working on it, iTunes  finished.  But it had lost all my music history, all my music was there, but it lost all my play lists and what not.  Not that big a deal I can always recreate those. 

So I spent the next few minuets recreating a few play lists from what my iPhone had on it, when it dawned on me. “I should just sync my phone and it would copy everything back” right?  But that is not what happened.

I synced my phone, and it took nearly no time at all (maybe a full minute). When I looked at my phone after the sync, ya everything was gone.

So today I start the lovely task of rebuilding my phone.

Thank you Apple!!!