Here are a few of the plugins for various applications I have published.  All plugins are  licensed under the GPLv2 so you are welcome to change them as you wish.

If you need support, please leave a comment on the projects page.

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One-Time Pad

A practical guide for a One-Time Pad including Password Splitting worksheets.

Advances in flight

My attempts at successful flight with a tricopter and other crafts.



The Gus theme for WordPress was designed to be used as a personal site, not as a site for an origination or group. Gus a is clean, easy to read theme built to be quick but have all the needed functionality for

After activating the theme, you must go to the Theme Options page from the Appearance menu on your Dashboard. Once there, you must select the Site Owner for the page from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. After selecting the site owner, you may use that persons contact information, or add your own on that page.

  • Photo Gallery Support
  • Gallery index page
  • EXIF Support for images
  • Ability to tag people in images
  • Custom taxonomy (people, place, event)
  • Custom people gallery page
  • 5 widget footer section
  • Threaded comments

Kirby is a WordPress Child Theme of the Twenty Eleven theme bundled within WordPress 3.2+. This theme is more of a tweak to the default Twenty Eleven theme then a full new look.

The Kirby Child Theme adds the following features to Twenty Eleven.

Milly is the old theme for with custom post-types & custom taxonomy (people, place, event). Milly also holds the full gallery function used on this site as it was developed within the theme. No extra plugins are needed to show gallery or custom post types. Milly is a fully custom theme created by me.

  • Sidebar on Single Pages and Posts
  • Use WordPress internal functions for EXIF data.
  • Twiter Custom Post Type



  • RoundCube Fail2Ban PluginIs a small plugin that will display failed login attempts in your syslog or userlogins log file. Using this information Fail2Ban will be able to block a user for a set amount of time.  The best part, the block is happening at the IP level and blocks the IP address, not the user they are trying to log in as (repository).