Advantages of a tricopter:

  • three points in space define a plane: The tricopter is very agile
  • yaw Servo makes yawing faster
  • three motors/esc are cheaper
  • very small
  • power consumption

Disadvantages of a tricopter:

  • no redundancy: If you loose a motor you will crash instantly
  • building your servo solution is tricky
  • more rotors -> more stability


The comparison of the above facts lead to another interesting solution: The Y6 Copter

  • three points in space
  • no servo necessary
  • small
  • quasi reduntant (you won’t crash but you need to compensate the spinngn manually if you loose motors)

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  1. Thanks for articulating these points. They confirm some things I’ve been thinking.

    I’ve been designing a tricopter (in my mind only, so far) solution based on the Matt’s at

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