Spectrum DX8: 2 Switches 1 TX channel 6 Flight Modes

You don’t need to sacrifice 1 RX channel to mix 6 Flight Modes out of two switches. Just mix Aux2 to itself in 3 different ways depending on the position of the F Mode switch.  You need to have Flight Mode enabled with the F Mode switch.

First go to Servo Setup and set Aux2 Travel to 85%

Then go to Mixing and select Mix 3, 4 and 5 and set it up as shown in the following pictures.

You will then get the Flight Modes a pictured below. The good thing is, if the Flap/Gyro switch is in the middle (pos1) you always get APM Flight Mode 4, which you could assign to Stabilize.


So you have still the channel Rud and Aux3 free for other useful things.

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2 thoughts on “Spectrum DX8: 2 Switches 1 TX channel 6 Flight Modes

  1. spektrum programming sucks ass. its hardly compatible with anything out there except Blade. They try to monopolize a market which seeks to be universal. When I want to program a simple flight mode switch to work with my storm drone, it’s nearly impossible. All this talk about enabling this and that and mix aux 2 on itself with 85% on travel and blah blah blah. Why is it a no brainer with all the other brands and spektrum chooses to make it so difficult? im about to curb stomp my useless dx8.

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