Letter’s, a phone number does not make

So the girl and I were going to order from Buca‘s today, but were unable to since their paper menu only has the phone number 651-SPA-GETT.  If you look at your BlackBerry, THERE ARE NO LETTERS ON THE NUMBERS!!! (Well there are, but they don’t correspond to the correct numbers) So since I (or work rather) didn’t want to pay 411 for the call, Buca lost out of the sale, and we just ordered from the Green Mill, who dose allow modern phones to call them.

Maybe Buca should move to the modern age and update their menu’s.

One thought on “Letter’s, a phone number does not make

  1. There is a solution! if you hold down the alt key and type the letters on your blackberry, it will convert it to the proper numbers! (I work at T-mobile and am a total nerd.)

    Good to find you again! hope all is well with you!

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