One day of Snow, Destroyed my Road

Alone with most of the upper Midwest, Christmas this year in Saint Paul, Minnesota was very snowy.  It was a nice white Christmas, assuming you got to where you needed to go.  Thankfully everyone I know and care about made it through the day without any major problems even with the 10″ to 12″ of snow.

I live on a sort of larger road named Ford Parkway.  The road gets its name from the Ford Plant down the road.  This is all fine and good since I live in a nice, quite neighbourhood, but they do drive a far number of semi trucks directly past my place.

Well on Christmas day, the plows were out, but were not out in the number the amount of snow and the rate of snow fall required.  Christmas day was also just warm enough that the salt they dumped on the road melted the snow, but it was still cold enough that slush re-froze once the cars, and semi trucks drove over it.  This ice then stayed on the road for about a week before the City of Saint Paul decided to finely plowed them off.  The problem was the ice was patchy in its placement on the road.

So now my road has hundreds of dents in it, not pot-holes, but dents!  It’s like driving down a really bad dirt road.

What just pisses me off about the whole thing isn’t the harm it’s doing to my car every time I go home, but that now they will need to redo the entire road just to make it drivable again.  As time goes on, the road will only get worse, until it is un-drivable.

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